artist statement

The timeless potential of narration as a visual imprint and chronicle of a subject in history is the abiding impetus for my body of work.
I explore the banality of daily life by telling stories, where common, tangible objects and subtle situations are merged, formed, and sculpted in clay. With this intention, I invent a personal and cheeky present-day iconography that is fortified by elements of narrative, sensual sculptures, and installations.
In my process, I blend my sensitive and ironic observations and experiences with the formal research about sculpture in art history.  The result is a fusion of contexts, including both metaphoric and literal meanings that are catalyzed in a ceramic alchemy of humorous absurdity and bold adventure, welcoming the   viewer   to   align   ancient   aesthetic legacies with the impressions that are formed by modernity.
For me, it is the clay, at first raw, then formed, then colorfully glazed, that best captures the crude-into-playful attitude where fantasy, abstraction, and realism are all invited to participate.   The resulting installation gives these objects a space for communication where, through other media like film, painting, and wood construction, layers of meaning are added.