artist statement

The timeless potential of narration as a visual chronicle of the contemporary in history is the strongest impulse for my body of work. Stories, which are visually bound in pictures, shapes, and material, are the fundamental resource of my sculptures and installation work. These stories come from daily life experiences and from tangible things like electronic devices, water sinks, cars, plastic dinnerware, etcetera, and are transformed into sculptures which have visual references to different forms, shapes, and styles in art history, like vases and tiles from baroque and even medieval times. I like to combine the history of a cultural aesthetic experience with an imprint from a contemporary individual.

My works are almost research projects as they allow me to visually represent the mind’s eye of a process of inquiry and making. The clay itself is a cultural reference in that it is one of the oldest sculptural ways to work. At the same time, it lends its own qualities and allows me to work in a spontaneously instinctive way. As I create them, they become personal expressions in material and the yield of subjective perception.